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I was born in a little town called Chico, up in Northern California, way back in the time before parents could easily adopt foreign babies as readily-changing fashion accessories. Still, this was before micro-chipping, and as I understand it, babies were sometimes shuffled around like a maternity version of the street-styled "shell game".

At any rate, apparently the town of Chico didn't appeal to me too much, because by the ripe old age of 1, I had packed my things and moved to the big city of Sacramento. There I lived, mild-mannered and under-the-radar until it came time to go to college, which I did at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

I graduated with distinction (that is to say, I distinctly remember graduating) with a degree in Biology. Following graduation, I did what everybody else did, which was, namely, to look for a job to find a way to pay back all the money I had spent during college.

My post-college career path has been somewhat varied, having put my Biology degree to work in at AMGEN, a Bio-Pharmaceutical company in Southern California. It was at Amgen that I first spent a good deal of time at a computer in a professional capacity, inputting and reporting all that data instead of collecting it. The knowledge that learned from there would lead to a job as a Database Administrator at another company called AGIA, which would itself lead to yet another database position in the San Francisco area, with a company (formerly) named ProBusiness.

When that job expired, I reasoned that it was as good a time as any to see other parts of the world, so I packed a bag and my size 14 boots and hopped on the next puddle-jumper heading east.

This would prove to be a trip that would literally change my life as, just a few weeks later, whilst waiting for the train from Berlin to Prague, I would meet the most amazing girl. I used all of my best moves to woo her including, but not limited to, offering her a piece of bubble gum. She said "no" to the gum, but I persisted, and we ended up dating... in what would be one of the longest-distance relationships ever - from Germany to California. We would each fly back and forth to visit one another, and visit quite a few other countries and cities along the way.

In the interim, I worked for a Water Well company before landing a position at an Environmental Consulting firm by the name of Jones and Stokes, which was headquartered in Sacramento. It was there that I got my first taste of the world of Marketing, as well as putting some of my other IT skills to use.

Ultimately though, I would leave Jones and Stokes and California behind to move to Germany to be with my lady. She had just moved down to Frankfurt to take a job, so I hopped on a plane to be a lot closer to her, and have taken up work at a local, yet well known Irish Pub. We have since moved in together and were married not long after.

I have never been happier.